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Information for Students
The following key terms will form the basis for your studies
throughout this modular GCSE short course.
You have already been introduced to them last week; this week
you will be given back your work and you can assess yourself,
as you watch the presentation, as to how many terms you got
correct.…read more

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Matters of Life & Death
The removal of the foetus from the womb
before it can survive
without life saving equipment…read more

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All modules Agnosticism
Not too sure if God is just an idea
or really does exist,
still looking for God...…read more

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Matters of Life & Death
Assisted suicide
When a terminally ill patient
asks a medical practitioner for
the means by which
to end his or her life,
so they may die with dignity…read more

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All modules
The rejection of
the concept of God.
The absence of
belief in God.
The two faces of Atheism
It is the philosopher It is the activist that
that brings us to the walks away from the
conclusion that there is mind numbing ideas of
no God. religion!
atheistempire.…read more

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Sex, Marriage & Family Life
Term used to belittle
someone born out of wedlock
My Ancestor Was a Bastard
A family historian's guide to
sources for illegitimacy in
England and Wales, this book
provides an introduction to the
world of the unmarried mother
and her child and discusses
how best to formulate a
research strategy. ... Written by
Ruth Paley, this is a Society of
Genealogists publication, 2004.…read more

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All modules
The belief that God is
all good and kind
God will catch you!…read more

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Believing in God
(The First Cause Argument)
The idea that everything
has a beginning,
so `something' must have
started it all off
and that `something' is God.…read more

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Sex, Marriage & Family Life
Living together as
husband and wife,
but not legally married
in the `eyes' of the Law or God.
In the U.S.A. the State of Virginia,
and 6 others,
still classify cohabitation as illegal
Couples living together outside marriage
can be cited for "lewd, and lascivious" conduct
and rejected for certain jobs.…read more


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