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Religion and Community Cohesion

The roles of Men and Women:

Social Facts:

During the 20th century women gained equal rights with men
It is illegal to discriminate against women
It is now accepted that women have the same rights as men
Men and women equally share the roles of running…

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Jesus only chose male disciples

Equal rights in life but not in church:

Roman Catholic beliefs
Men and women are equal

Muslim Teachings:

Islam teaches that men and women have equal rights in religion and education but
have different roles in life.
Men should the family by working and…

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There is less chance of war because people of different ethnic groups and
nationalities will get to know each other
More progress will be made in a multi-ethnic society because people will bring ideas
and ways of doing things
Life is more interesting with a greater variety of food, music…

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People can learn about other religions from people around them and discover their
religions have more similarities than differences
People from different religions may practice their religions more seriously and this
may make people think about practising their own religion more seriously
A multi-faith society may make some people think…

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There is a question of which religion their children should be brought up in. Some
religions insist on bringing up the children in that religion
There is also a question of what will happen after death? The couple would have to
be buried in different parts of the cemetery




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