Edexcel Religious Studies Revision Notes- Religion and Community Cohesion

Everything you need to know for Religion and Community Cohesion Edexcel Unit 1

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Religion and Community Cohesion
The roles of Men and Women:
Social Facts:
During the 20th century women gained equal rights with men
It is illegal to discriminate against women
It is now accepted that women have the same rights as men
Men and women equally share the roles of running of the home and bringing up
How attitudes have changed:
In 1882 the married property act allowed married women to keep their property
for themselves.
In 1928 the electoral reform act gave women the same rights as men and allowed
women to stand as MPs.
The equal pay act meant that men and women would get the same wages for the
same jobs.
Why attitudes have changed:
During WW1 and WW2 women had to take men's jobs ­ proving that they could
do them just as well as men.
The development of equal rights for women in other countries meant Britain had to
take notice.
The suffragette movement showed women were no longer willing to be treated as
second class citizens.
The UN declaration of Human rights and the development of the feminist
movement put forward a case for equal rights.
Christian Teachings:
For Women having equal rights:
In the book of Genesis it says that both men and women were created in God's
Jesus showed himself first to women when he was resurrected.
Jesus had women disciples with him on the cross
The early church had women priests
St Paul said there should be no differences between men and women
Against women having equal rights:
In the book of Genesis men were created first
St Paul said women should be silent in church

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Jesus only chose male disciples
Equal rights in life but not in church:
Roman Catholic beliefs
Men and women are equal
Muslim Teachings:
Islam teaches that men and women have equal rights in religion and education but
have different roles in life.
Men should the family by working and earning more money.
Women should stay at home and bring up the children.
Women's household roles come first ­ then work.
These attitudes are taught in the Qur'an and Hadith.…read more

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There is less chance of war because people of different ethnic groups and
nationalities will get to know each other
More progress will be made in a multi-ethnic society because people will bring ideas
and ways of doing things
Life is more interesting with a greater variety of food, music and entertainment
A multi-ethnic society helps people to see that different ethnic groups are all a part
of the human race and we have more in common than we have differences
Government promotes community cohesion…read more

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People can learn about other religions from people around them and discover their
religions have more similarities than differences
People from different religions may practice their religions more seriously and this
may make people think about practising their own religion more seriously
A multi-faith society may make some people think more about religion as they
come across religions and ideas they have never thought about before
Increases religious tolerance
Issues raised for religion by a multi-faith society:
People see it as their and duty…read more

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There is a question of which religion their children should be brought up in.…read more


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