Religious Studies GCSE (1)

Hindu and christian beleifs.

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Believing in God: Key words

Conversion: When your life is changed by giving yourself to god

Miracle: Something/an event that happens which defies the laws of science and makes you think god must of done it

Numinous: The feeling of the presence of something greater than you

Prayer: An attempt to contact god

Agnosticism: Being unsure whether god exists

Atheism: Not beleiving in god

Free Will: The idea that humans are free to do make choices of their own

Moral Evil: Suffering caused by humans

Natural Evil: Suffing caused by nature such as earthquakes

Omni-Benelovent: The idea that god is all loving

Omnipotent: The idea that god is all powerful

Omniscient: The idea that god is all knowing

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