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Re-constituted family = where two sets of children (stepbrothers and
sister) become one family when their divorced parents marry each other

The sanctity of life = that all life is holy and sacred, it is a gift from God
and only God has the right to give life or…

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Meaning = intend to convey meaning or express sense of significance

Agnosticism = not being sure whether or not God exists

Moral evil = actions done by humans that cause suffering

Natural evil = things that cause suffering, but have nothing to do with
humans for example earthquakes

Omnipotent =…

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Religious Pluralism = many different religions living together in one

Stereotype = to generalise and label a group of people

Mono faith society = a society where there is only one religion

Multi faith society = accepting all faiths as having an equal right to

Extended family =…

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So that couples can have a life long relationship of love and
So that a couple can have the support and comfort of each other
For the procreation of children
For the bringing up of a Christian family

Features of a Christian Marriage:
Readings from the bible (advice on…

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Sex outside Marriage

Muslim attitude to premarital sex:
Forbidden by the Quran, also says girls and boys should be
separated after puberty
The Shari'ah says that sex should only take place in marriage
The primary purpose of sex in Islam is for the procreation of
children, and children should only…

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The bible says that fornication (pre-marital sex and promiscuity) is
All the churches teach that pre-marital sex is wrong


Roman Catholic attitudes to divorce:
Does not allow divorce
Divorce can only happen if one dies
Allow annulments

Protestant / orthodox attitudes to divorce:
Divorce is wrong, but possible…

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Step 2:
Extended family get involved
A member on each side of the family will mediate for the couple

Step 3:
If divorce continues, both parents are now free to remarry
Husband gets legal custody (to pay or look after the children)

Divorce in Islam Attitudes (2):
Attitude 1:

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Sometimes asked to show facts of why the previous marriage

Church of England attitudes:
Up to individual priests whether to remarry a couple

How Christians can affair proof their marriage

Family Life

Why family life is important to Muslims:
Children are a gift from god…

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Cohabiting parents are having children as don't have to get
There are more reconstituted families as people divorce and

For Christian Churches keeping families together:
Stops children from being brought up by only one parent
Protect people from feeling hurt
Helps preserve nuclear families

Against Christian churches keeping…

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Christian Attitude to Cohabitation:
Very wrong as sex was given to humans by God for the
procreation of children
Bible says fornication is sinful
All churches say it is sinful
Children should be in a Christian marriage

Islamic Attitude to Cohabitation:
Forbidden by the Quran, says girls and should…


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