Writing frame for WJEC RS GCSE

Just notes on how to answer all the different types of questions. 

Also a list of generic Ideas,

Thanks and hope its useful, good luck in your exam,

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a) Give a definition AND an example
b) Give at least 2 different religious views (one
must be from Christianity) using at least 2
different generic ideas (e.g., sacred texts,
religious founders, etc)
c) Both can agree or both can disagree or one
point from each. Ensure the two religions are
different and the generic ideas you use are
different as well.
d) Ensure you show variety within religions. Use
the number of religions the question asks you to
(either one or two) but ensure at least one is
Christianity. Use at least 2 generic ideas. Aim to
make at least 6 points overall as it is a six mark
e) I studied Islam so have put this in but swap in
Christian for
Christian against
Islam for
Islam against
Moral view
Social or Atheist view
If everyone agreed/disagreed then....
Personally I believe that.... because.....
This will get you 8 marks as long as the content is
correct and shows variety!

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The generic ideas work for any religion, they are:
- Belief in the role of conscience
- Examples of famous people from that religion
- Belief in the power of prayer
- Belief in importance of key teachings from sacred
- Belief in events from sacred texts
- Belief in an afterlife
- Belief in free will
- Belief in miracles
- Belief in the sanctity of life god created
- Belief in the teachings/example of the founder
of the religion
- Belief in…read more


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