Religious Studies GCSE (2)

Christian and Hindu Attitudes

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Marriage and Family: Key Words

Civil partnership - A legal ceremony giving homosexual couples the same as married couples

Cohabitation - Living together without being married

Nuclear Family - Mother, Father and children living as a unit

Reconstituted Family - When two sets of children become one family when their divorced paents marry each other

Adultery -  A sexual act between a married person and someone other tthan their partner

Faithfulness - Only having sex with your married partner

Pre-maritial Sex -  Sex Before Marriage

Procreation - Making a new life

Promiscuity - Having sex with a number of partners without commitment ( Being A ****)

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Marriage and Family: Changing Attitudes

Cohabitation and Marriage

  • Less Chistians
  • Media has made contraception more accepted and respectable
  • Films show pre-maritail seex has mad it more acceptable
  • Contraception widely available


  • 1969 laws made divorce easier and cheaper
  • Women no long accept sexism in a relationship
  • Women more financially independent and can afford a divorce

Family Life

  • More cohabitating couples mean their are more unmaried parents
  • Incease in remarriage, therefore reconstitued families
  • Extended families are more popular
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Marriage and Family: Christians and Sex Outside of

Most Christians believe sex should take place between a man and a women to each other and so believe sex outside of marriage is wrong.

  • Sex is only for procreation
  • The bible says sex outside the marriage is sinful
  • The catholic church teaches adultery is wrong
  • It breaks Christians marriage vows
  • The ten commandments teach adultery is wrong
  • Jesus taught adultery was wrong

However, some Christians (protestants) believe that couples may have live outside of marriage and accept that in modern times are likely to have sex

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Marriage and Family: Hinduism and Sex Outside of M

Hinduism teaches that sex should only happen inside a marriage, and so Hindus believe pre-marital sex and adultery is wrong:

  • Sex is not allowed in the student Ashrama, it would prevent them from achieving Moksha.
  • The Hindu scriptures say sex should only happen inside marriage
  • Sex is only used procreation which should happen inside a marriage
  • Adultery is banned in the householder ashrama
  • Adultery brings bad karma
  • Adultery breaks the union between two families
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Marriage and Family: Christian Attitudes to Divorc

Catholic churches does not allow divorce whatsoever:

  • In Marks Gospel, it teaches divorce is wrong
  • The couple made a covenant which cannot be broken
  • The catholic catechism says that marriage cannot be dissolved
  • To divorce, would be bigamy which is a sin

Non catholic churches does not allow divorce unless the marriage is broken down:

  • Jesus allowed divorce for adultery
  • The lesser of two evils
  • Christians are taught to forgive so people should have another chance at happiness
  • The churches teach it is better to divorce then to fight all the time
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Marriage and Family: Hindu Attitudes to Divorce

Traditional Hindus believe divorce can happen after 15 years after no children

  • Laws of Manu forbid divorce
  • Marriage creates a bond but divorce destroys this bond
  • To completethe householder Ashrama, the couple needs children. Therefor not having children can be grounds for divorce
  • Violence can also be grounds for divorce as it goes against Ahimsa (non violence)

Modern Hindus believe that divorce is allowed if the marriage has broken down

  • Laws of man need updating and iterpreting in modern times
  • Gurus teach divorce is acceptable if the marriage has failed
  • Living in hatred and misery brings bad karma
  • Lesser of two evils
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Marriage and Family: Why Family Life Important for

Christian family life

Family is the basic unit of society and the place where children should be bought up

The family is where children are introduced to their faith

Teaching on divorce means Christians parents should stay together and bring up children

Family is where children learn what right and what is wrong and builds their personality

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Marriage and Family: Why Family Life is Important

Hindu Family life

Family is where Hindus are introduced to faith through Puja

Part of raising a family is part of the householder ashrama and therefore must be done to achieve Moksha

Family is the basic unit of society and would collapse without it

Children learn whats right and whats wrong from their family

The Hindus scriptures highlight the importance of family life

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Marriage and the Family: Christians and Homosexual

Catholics believe that homosexuality is not a sin but homosexual sex is

The bible condemns sexual activity; Does not allow for procreation (having babies); It is the teaching of the catholic church that homosexual sex is a sin; The church teaches you cannot control your sexuality so people mustn't discriminate however they shouldn't act on it

Evangelical Protestants believe all homosexuals are sinful and hold prayer meetings for them

The bible is the word of God, in some passages it says homosexuality is wrong; They believe that  Jesus can remove all sin through prayer

Liberal protestants believe homosexuals are fine but shouldn't be equal to married couples and homosexual vicars should not have homosexual sex

Bible needs interpretting in modern times; Christians are taught to love all

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Marriage and Family: Hindus Views on Homosexuality

Traditional Hindus

The laws of manu only speaks of heterosexual sex

To pass through the householder Ashrama,you must raise a family

Homosexuals cannot fulfil their dharma and therefore not reach Moksha

Modern Hindus

Some people beleive that sexual orientation is genetic and cant be helped

Might find other ways to fulfil ones dharma

There are pictures of homosexuals in some hindu temples

Everybody has Atman and there for should be respected

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Marriage and Family: Christians and Contraception

Catholics are totally against artificial contraception

  • The pope said 'artificial methods of contraceptions are going againsst gods intentions
  • Life begins at conception so 'the morning after pill' is murder
  • Contraception promotes promiscuity 

Other Christians contraception is acceptable to restrict the size of a family

  • Christianity is about loving and it may be loving to allow a family to decide with how many children they can cope with
  • Allows sex not to be just about procreation but to bring a couple together
  • nothing in the bible banns contraception
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Marriage and Family: Hindus and Contraception

Most Hindus believe contraception is acceptable

  • Householder Ashrama is about enjoying children, not struggling with them
  • The soul does not enter the body until after conception
  • technology should be used to improve life
  • Its not abortion and therefore is Ahimsa

Some Hindus only accept the pill and sterilisation

  • Anything that kills sperm or eggs goes against Ahimsa
  • Some contraception can be seen as abortion

Few Hindus are against all contraception

  • Large families should be part of the householder ashrama
  • Sex must be used for procreation only as it is a gift from God
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Community and Cohesion: Key Words

Sexism- Discriminating against someone because of their gender

Discrimination- Putting prejudice ideas into actions

Ethnic Minority -  An ethnic group which is a lot smaller than the majority group

Multi-ethnic society- Many races and cultures living together

Prejudice- Believing people are superior or inferior without even knowing them

Racism- The belief that some ethnic groups are superior to others

Community Cohesion - A shared sense of belonging for all groups in society

Multi-faith Society - Different religions living together in one society

Racial Harmony- different ethnic groups living together peacefully

Religious Freedom- The right to practice and change your religion

Religious Pluralism- Accepting that all religions have an equal right to co-exist 

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Community Cohesion: Roles of men and women in the

1) More women go out to work now. During the second world war women proved that they could do jobs which were classes as mens

2)The suffragette movement gained women the right for women to vote and work in parliament

3)Other countries gave women and equal rights so Britain was pressured into doing the same

4)Social changes in 1950s/1960s meant that women needed to provide an additional income which meant domestic duties needed to be shared

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Community Cohesion: Christian Attitudes to Equalit

Catholic and Evangelical protestants beleive that the man should be the breadwinner

  • Jesus was a man and only had male disciples
  • Adam was created first so therefore is given more rights
  • Eve was led astray from Satan and tempted Adam
  • It has been the tradition for the past 2,000 years

Modern Protestants accept that men and women are equal

  • Genesis 1 says Adams and Eve were made at the same time
  • St Paul  taught that 'everyone is all one in Jesus'
  • Jesus treated women equally which is shown by him feeding the prostitutes
  • there is evidence of women being priests in the early church
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Community Cohesion: Hindu Attitudes to Womens Equa


Women cannot be winners not religious leaders because.. the teachings of the Shruti scriptures and the laws of Manu say so. Also, to gain Moksha, women must follow their expected roles in their Ashramas.


Women and men should have equal rights because each part of Atman has no gender. Also, they believe that scriptures need interpreted for modern times and that there are other ways to gain Moksha

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Community Cohesion: The Government and Community C

Promotion of Community Cohesion:

  • Making community cohesion part of the nation curriculum
  • Funding research into finding the best ways to improve community Cohesion
  • passing the race relation act which makes it illegal to discriminate
  • Establishing the equality and human rights commission


  • People could alienate themselves form society
  • Bombers lost their allegiance to the UK in 2007 and grew a hatred of British citizens
  • lack of cohesion leads to violence and lack of trust
  • People begin to live separate lives
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Community Cohesion: Why should religions Racial Ha

Christians promote racial harmony because

  • All Christian churches condemn racism
  • There are Christians all over the world 
  • In the parable of the good Samaritan, The Samaritan helps his enemy which puts across the message 'love thy neighbour'
  • St Paul Teaches that 'you are all at one with Christ'

Hindus promote racial harmony because

  • All souls are part of Brahman, therefore everyone is as important as each other
  • Leaders such as Gandhi work to promote racial harmony
  • Hindus are from all over the world and should be treated the same
  • Hindus are opposed to any form of racism due to ahimsa
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Community Cohesion: Benefits of Living in a Multi-


  • People can discover similarities between different religions and theirs
  • People see others taking their religions seriously and therefore want to take their religion more seriously into deep thought
  • People might become more understanding and tolerent of other religions
  • Religious tolerance might stop religious conflicts
  • Other religions might mmake people about their religion and give them new ideas
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Community Cohesion: Issues Raised by Religions by

Conversion - They believe their religion is the one and only religion. they beleive everyone should go to heaven and that their path is the only path to heaven. Many holy books tell their followers to convert. Some people find people who try to convert prejudice. Many people say you cant argue which religion is better if you havent studied them all. It can lead to hurt if somone says other religions are wrong.

Raising children- Some parents do not want their children learning about different religions. Many religions teach their path is the only path to eternal life which parents want for their children. Children in state schools can be pulled away from religion all together. Many families want their children to carry traditions of their family

Interfaith Marriages -  It might be difficult to decide on which religious ceremony to choose. People can argue how the children are bought up. Families feel  like they have betrayed their famiily

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