Edexcel: GCSE Jewish Teachings

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  • Judaism: Basic Teachings
    • Torah
      • Five Books of Moses or Pentateuch
      • Given at the Covenant of Sinai with Moses
    • The Promised Land: Israel
      • Promised to the Jewish people at the covenant with Abraham
      • Has caused Israeli-Palestine conflict for years
    • Orthodox
      • Chose to live quite strict lives and follow religious rules closely.
      • More traditional, wear a style of unchanged clothing from the 19th century.
      • Kosher food rules always kept
      • Men & women do not sit together.
      • Torah is G-d's word and should not be changed.
    • Reform
      • Look no different to anyone else
      • Men & women have equal worship rules & sit together
      • Women can be rabbis too.
      • Seek to modernise faith
    • Monotheistic
    • One of the smallest religious with 13 million followers worldwide.
    • Sabbath - day of rest on a Sunday, no work is involved.
    • Names for G-d
      • Elohim/YHVH (Lord) as a sign of respect.
      • They do not utter God's name, God is greater than a name.
      • God is beyond gender, Judaism doesn't like to restrict God so use PLURALS.
      • Masculine plurals is purely tradition.
    • Talmud- 'Oral Torah'/oral laws/traditions past down since Moses and written as the Mishnah & Gemara.
    • Yeshiva- Jewish school of Talmudic study.


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