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Revision of Islam - up to human relationships in syallabus

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Worship - Mosque 1

- It is the centre of the Muslim community

- Means 'place of protation' - act of submission

- Any clean place can be used for worship

- Main service is Friday prayers

- Women Pray separately from men

- Used as a school

- Has a minaret (tower) - Muezzin does the call to prayer

- Has a washroom to perform wudu- ritual cleansing

- No pictures pf Muhammad or Allah - no one can draw them

- Minbar (pulpit) where imam leads prayer

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Worship - Mosque 2

-Kiblah wall - wall in the direction of Makkah

- Mihrab - niche in kiblah wall

- Dome represents the universe , created by Allah

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Worship 1


- For Muslims it is the most important book in the world - exact words of Allah

- Totally accurate and unchanged record

- Complete guide to Islamic life

Muslims also get guidance for the Hadith - sayings of Muhammad and the sunnah - the actions/way of life of Muhammad

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Worship 2


- Friday prayers - community occasion - men must pray at the mosque optional for women

- Must pray 5 times a days

- there is a set ritual for prayer - rak'ah

- prayer keeps you in close contact with Allah, stops you forgetting him , solidarity with other Muslim, moral and spiritual discipline

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Human relationship - sex and homosexuality 1


- Is a gift form God to be enjoyed

- Should wait until marriage to safeguard the Ummah (worldwide community of Muslims)

- People expecially women should be virgins when they marry

- Sex outside of marriage is the sin of Zina

- Promiscuity (having lots ofpartners) is worng

- boys and girls are seperated at puberty to prevent them being attracted to each other

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Human relationship - sex and homosexuality 2


- All gay rlationships - forbidden

- It is sen as unuatural and deviant

- Gay muslims risk ostracism from Family and community

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Human relationships - contraception and abortion 1

- Strict muslims say no to contraceptipn because they belief in predestination ' do nott slay your children because of poverty Allah will provide'

- Liberal muslims say contraception is accebtable in special circumstances: portection of mother; child will be deformed; personal reasons - she is studying

- Cant practice birth control without consent of partner

- Muhammad practised withdrawal method so it is ok

- Dont agree with morning after pill or interurine decvice as these methods kill an embryo


- Stict muslims say abortion is wrong

- belive in predestination - only Allah who controls lifes and deaths

- Qur'an reminds mothers that on Judegement Day the infants will ant to know why they were killed

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Human relationships - contraception and abortion 2


- Abortion is allowed if the mothers life is at risk - mother already has a life and responsibilties

- Abortion is allowed before 120 days becaue that is when the feotus becomes a child with a a souls

- abortuion is accepatable is cases of extreme poverty or ****

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Human relationships - family life Marriage 1


- Sex is a special gift from God and is reserved for married couples

- Sex before marriage is worng

- Children should be brought up by married parents

- adultery is banned by the Qur'an

to help sotp men and women being tempted to sex outisde marriage - boys and girls are seperated at puberty

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Human relationships - family life Marriage 2


- two ceremonies - religious and public

- sometimes takes place in mosque

- order of service:

- marriage contract

- Dowry

- Leader of prayes (imam)

- vows

- marriage declaration

- speech

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Human relationships - children


- First word a child should here is allah so as soon as it is born the adhan(call to prayer) is whispered in its ear

- At seven days the head is shaved and an equivalent in money 9used to be gold and silver is given to the poor

- Sacrafice made to allah - one sheep for a girl two sheep for a boy 1/3 given to less adavntaged

- Tahnik - involves touching the lip of the baby with something sweet

- boys are circumscised

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