Pre-released media texts- My temper is rising

Analysing media texts- My temper is rising. Must be global warming...

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My temper is rising

What it is about ?

The author, Mike Humes', opinion on how global warming is being greatly exaggerated by the media.

Fact + opinion

  • Opinionated- all about his opinion
  • persuasive
  • biased
  • Some other opinions are brought in then knocked down


  • Religious connotations
    • 'Act of God'- passing the blame- a convenient excuse
    • 'angels' immediately puts you on the good side
    • 'evil' implies it is good against evil
    • 'sinner'- acting against God
    • 'let us all pledge to cut emissions'- preaching
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My temper is rising. (2)

  • 'it is hard to see how anybody can be sure'- biased,ridicules other argument
  • 'shipped in'- brought in all the way from Greenland to prove the point, last resort
  • 'more to the point'opinionated phrase

Effectiveness of headline, images and layout


  • 'My temper is rising' immediately suggests attitude, pun temperature is rising
  • 'must' modal verb places blame, mocks other argument
  • '...' elipses, encourages audience to think


  • lots of short paragraphs giving a lot of different points to back up his arguments
  • Online readership may be young and up-to-date with technology
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