Pre-released media texts- Decades of devastation

Analysing media texts- Decades of devastation ahead as global warming melts the Alps

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Decades of devastation

What is it about?

The consequences global warmingis havingon the Alps and how dangerous these consequences are.

Fact + opinion

  • Professors and scientists' views and quotes from man involved are used to create a sense of believability
  • Quotes very long - they have a lot to say
  • Technical + scientifical language- some readers may not understand, so they think its true
    • 'permafrost'


  • Lexis of war - losing battle
    • 'cowering'
    • 'threatening'
    • 'ricocheted'
    • 'triggering'
    • 'survived'
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Decades of devastation (2)

  • Powerful/emotive words
    • 'falling apart under their feet'
    • 'betrayed'
    • 'devastation'
    • 'I have never seen'
    • 'remarkable enough incident on its own'
  • survival story-'The pair survived by cowering under an overhang as a rain of boulders...'
  • 'crown jewel'extremely precious
  • 'hanging like a cargo of fragile china dolls'-literally ends on a cliffhanger, precarious

Effectiveness of headlines, images and layout


  • 'Decades of devastation'
    • alliteration-memorable, dramati
    • sibilance shows how long it is for
  • 'as global warming melts the Alps' future + present tense combined - happenig now and will continue to happen
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