Pre-released media texts- Global warming happens

Analysing media texts- Global warming happens: but is it 'catastrophic'

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Global warming happens

What is it about ?

The different views on the importance of paying attention to global warming.

Fact + opinion

  • quotes used to sum up the different perspectives


  • 3 part lists- emphasise how the global warming is being exaggerated, used at the end of paragraph to summarise the view
    • '"catastrophe","disaster" or "cataclysm"'
    • '"crisis","terrifying" or "Armageddon"'
    • '"shocking","terrifying","devastating"'
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Global warming happens (2)

Effectiveness of headline, images and layout


  • 'Is it 'catastrophic'?' rhetorical question- encourages reader to think about it


  • dynamic- shows the reader global warming really is happening, there is nothing we can do to stop it
  • Water already surrounds the ice so some of it has already melted


  • Has a different paragraph for each different perspective
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