Pre-released media texts- We shouldn't be shocked...

Analysing media texts- We shouldn't be shocked by public apathy

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We shouldn't be shocked...

What is it about ?

Explaining why the public aren't bothered about global warming.

Fact + opinion

  • He mainly puts his own point across, but also brings other points of view into it
    • 'they think everyone sees the world the way they do'
    • 'Scientists are surer every week that this future is catastrophic'
  • He describes both activists and citizens in negative and positive ways
    • activists-'hyper-aware','activists have taken this on board'
    • citizens-'self-regarding','this is not evil'


  • 'mortal threat' immediacy, death
  • 'with a yawn' imagery- informal
  • 'It shoudn't','But people don't' short sentence- follows a long one, emphasises it
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We shouldn't be shocked...(2)

  • 'mainly talk to other activists' arrogant, ignorant
  • 'most citizens, most ordinary people' activists are extraordinary, not normal
  • 'the difference between activists and citizens' implies there is a battle between them
  • 'unconcerned at the greatest threat' paradox, the public are naive
  • 'scientists are surer every week' continuous, could be even surer by now
  • 'activists are on top of the agenda' different, above others
  • 'hyper-aware' over analytical, over the top
  • 'sounding the alarm' memorable ending phrase

Effectiveness of headline and layout


  • Describing the public in a negative way to attract those who do care and who think the same


  • It is a short article so people will want to read it
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