Pre-released media texts- Living on thin ice

Analysing media texts- Living on thin ice

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Living on thin ice

What is it about

The effects of global warming on the polar bears

Fact + opinion

  • The main article has a lot of facts in it, however, there are 14 facts aside to the article about polar bears.
    • Breaks up the article
    • Makes it less formal


  • 'symbol of cold','symbol of warmth' contrasts over time
  • 'we' includes everyone, draws the reader in
  • 'overshadowed' this problem is the biggest, more important or worrying
  • 'hunting, toxic waste, offshore drilling' global warming is bigger than all of these problems
  • 'on top of the vanishing ice' paradox, refers to image
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Living o thin ice (2)

  • 'this new threat is not new' nonsensical
  • 'we are already too late' worrying, there is nothing we can do about it now
  • 'Polar bears may be...finding the algae' long list- emphasises everything global warming is endangering, describes food chain
  • 'But it may be too late.' short sentence for effect
  • 'it may not recover from our devastating impact' unfair- polar bears have to pay for what we have done

Effectivness of headline, images and layout


  • 'Living on thin ice'
    • literal and metaphorical
    • 'living' continuing present tense
  • Cold hard facts
    • Ironic - the ice is no longer cold or hard
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Living on the ice (3)


  • polar bears stranded,isolated-builds sympathy, motivation
  • swum for ages for nothing
  • nowhere else to go but sea
  • less populated
  • taken from afar, nowhere close to stand


  • Cold hard facts
    • an isolated article
    • blue colour dilutes as it the page goes down- ice melting thermometer
    • colour links to title
    • shape of article looks as if it has been torn away from something, mistreatment, neglect/ kept because it is important
    • polar bear shaped bullet points
      • head looking up- calling for help
      • bigger polar bears more important facts
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