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1. From memory, by asking others and through research - explain and note the location of the following concepts (keywords/terms)from the sources
2. On an A3 sheet produce a web that links all of the concepts with arrows ­ like a giant concept map ­ a synoptic web (there is…

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The amount the worlds population growths, taking into
consideration both death and birth-rate. Therefore how
Annual population growth rate
much the population has grown on the previous year or
fallen respectively

Eight goals set by the wealthiest countries which aim to
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) protect and improve the standard…

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Trade the action of buying and selling goods and services.

Country profiling

(syno Maternal
Projected GDP (PPP) per ptic mortality ratio HIV 2010 Debt
Size Life (deaths of prevalence
Population pop capita devel Exports Imports as a % of
Area Expectancy women per (% of
growth % $ opme…

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Research in to progress towards MDG ­ add your research notes next to each goal! What progress has been made? What are the barriers to each
country? Who are the key players? Possible links to other units?

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The countries in this pre-release are part of the world's periphery.......
Use the space below to explain the different development theories and HOW they apply to East Africa
Draw annotated models and write an explanation if you wish

Draw up a concept map of barriers to development in the area…

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Extra research in to the organisations & proposed development projects and their main `players'
Refer to your notes, text book, internet and RESOURCE BOOK when filling in this table.
When completing advantages and disadvantages ensure you can develop/explain them in depth with confidence

Parallel Case study
Main player and who…

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Set up in 1967 to promote regional East African governments Decreased economic Counties cannot really
economic integration negotiate the terms and Maghreb leakage afford to pay into the
Collapsed in 1977 ­ due to political conditions of community Opec nations (use of oil Free trade for member shared budget =…

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Major infrastructure project ­ Lamu Ethiopian government ­ effort Vision Mumbai ­ Offering Free trade and tariffs in the Potential for unrest in the
port + Lamu South Sudan Ethiopia to increase trade through the regeneration to surrounding area area due to relocation of
Transport Corridor region offering employment to…

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Synoptic Links from AS and A2­ Pull out info from the booklet that links with each topic! Add info that links with the pre release from each topic. Add
information that you have researched! Add any current events that may link with the issue covered in the pre release!




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