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Practice question

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Why is it important to asess the carer's needs?

It is important to asess the carer's needs because...

P This will help them provide good quality care

E If the care's needs is to take time to themselves is taekn into account then when they are giving care they will feel less stressed and be able to be more focussed on the care.

EX The quality care will be improved

P It will mean that the carer feels valued and part of the care process

E The carer may be able to provide information regarding the service user or their circumstances which would effect the care given. Being involved may make them feel they are important part of the process

EX This is important as they are more likely to provide good quality care that meets the service users needs.

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P The quality of care could detoriate due to the carer feeling isolated or not having resources they need

E If the carer is not able to state their need for time to themselves they may feel that they are unable to provide good quality care

EX This is important because it may mean that they feel isolated and may not provide the carere that is needed

P The carer could feel neglected, isolated and frustrated

E The carer could become angry and start to take short cuts with the care they provide

EX This is important as it could put a strain on the relationship between the carer and service user and the service users needs might not be met

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