Understanding human behaviour- questions/notes


Understanding human behaviour (Unit 12) revision questions

.Q. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a cognitive (cognitive
behavioural) approach with young children.

Advantages of cognitive approach:
· Structured/clear goals/measurable outcomes;
· Non-threatening;
· Basic ideas are simple to understand;
· Gives strategies for self-help themselves;
· Works well with stress/anxiety;
Disadvantages of cognitive approach:
· A “quick fix” which deals with symptoms and
not underlying causes
· Requires the client to be able to understand
and think through causes and effects, to
problem solve and have insight;
· Would not be suitable where clients cannot
express feelings.
· May not work with young children;
· Clients may not want to talk about problems

Q. Define what is meant by a dysfunctional belief.

A. • idea of distorted/faulty/untrue/irrational thinking
• based on limited evidence or no evidence.

Q. Explain why it is important to carry out an initial assessment.


  • Gain background information about the client/looks at current behaviour or situation.
  • Identify individual needs.
  • Allows health/social care professional to decide the most appropriate form of treatment.
  • allows changes/improvements to be measured.

Q. Explain why 16 to 24 year olds may drink too much alcohol.

  • Bereavement or loss.
  • Seperation.
  • Violence or bullying.
  • Ethnicity/culture.
  • Negative self-concept.
  • Stress and inability to cope.
  • Negative thinking.
  • Marginalisation and social exclusion.
  • Labelling and stereotyping
  • Addiction.

Question. Evaluate the effectiveness of the person-centred approach in helping alcoholics overcome their addiction. 


• Approach is non-directive – counsellors are not intrusive
• Therapists meet clients as ‘equals’
• Therapists do not set themselves up as experts
• Does not require a diagnosis
• Avoids labelling
• May enjoy the opportunity to talk to someone
detached, not family or friend.
• Upholds key aspects of the Care Value Base.

• Key terms are difficult to understand
• Requires high degree of motivation on part of client
• Requires good communication skills
•May expect to be given advice.

Question:  Raised blood pressure and cancer of the liver are examples of how our physical development may be affected by drinking too much alcohol.
Discuss how a person’s intellectual development may be affected by drinking too much alcohol.


They may not be…


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A good list of questions to help check understanding as you revise.