Health and social care questions -January 2013 paper

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  • When in the hospice Cassie will have a range of professional who will monitor and review her care. Explain why it is important that Cassie's care plan is reviewed and monitored regularly.
    • 6 marks
    • Her needs could change so it is important to regularly monitor and update the care plan.
      • Her condition might even deteriorate and get worse.
    • If the care plan is regularly monitored, her needs will be met more precisely through the review.
    • Her medication might need to be changed to suit any changes in her condition or the medication not working/or she reacts negatively.
    • She might have changes in her PIES- e.g physically she needs more support.
    • To ensure that she is safe and at no risk- she might have a reaction to the medication
    • It allows the client to raise any questions that they might have which will make them feel comfortable and feel valued.


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