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June 07

1. Explain possible reasons why those aged 35+ are having more children
2. Analyse ways the government, private and voluntary services will need to adapt to `older mothers'.
3. Identify and outline one appropriate qualitative method you could use to research the issue of:
The abused elderly…

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Jan 08
6. Discuss possible ways the statutory, private and voluntary services can make provision for pre school children

(a) interpretation of the data
(b) the need to provide more childcare and cheaper childcare provision
(c) the quality of provision needs to improve
(d) greater choice and flexibility
(e) more…

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· may reflect higher expectations of marriage and not an increase in breakdown of relationships- evidence
of higher expectations today than in the past

9. Identify and explain two reasons why statistics on unemployment may not present a valid picture of

· people may not be registered as unemployed…

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· they raise public awareness of groups with particular needs eg the homeless
· they offer help to welfare state institutions for example hospitals and schools
· they fill gaps in welfare provision eg less popular issues
· they provide help for services which do not get political support or…

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· wrap around care facilities ­ transport , toy libraries, use of other professionals eg educational psychologists
· dietary advice/guidance
18. Discuss the possible problems the Government may face in trying to achieve its target on getting more
young children into nursery.

· to release more women into the workforce:…

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b. Identify and explain three factors you would need to consider in order to ensure you get a
representative cross section of the elderly in your sample.
c. Outline the process you would follow in order to carry out this research.
d. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen…

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easier for older adults to answer closed questions
less intrusive
easier to complete / quicker

no depth
might produce low response rates ­ may not be returned
questions could be biased to get older adults to respond in a particular way
some questions may be ambiguous and cause problems…

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no reasons offered by the data




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