population case study: migration into UK from east europe

notes on the causes, benifits and problems of migration into the UK from east europe.

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  • uk opened border to migrants looking for work
  • push factors- inequalites, unemployment, poor living conditions, poor housing and lack of education
  • pull factors- jobs, better quality of houses, education oppertunities
  • uk recieved 600,000 eastern european migrants between 2004 and 2006
  • polish migrants earn 5 times more in UK than in Poland
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  • polish workers are traditionally hard working and have provided good services for companies and the agricultural industry
  • migrants pay tax which benifits Uk's economy
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  • areas such as East anglia which ahve high concentrations of migrants due to farming have huge pressure on services such as hospitals and education
  • locals don't want migrant workers taking all jobs in the area that should be for local people
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