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Case Study 1 ­ Ipswich - A case study of housing in an
urban area: tenure, access, opportunities, constraints,
Location Map Alexandra; Central location & includes CBD
Small population as many commercial buildings
High % of population aged 16-44
Bixley Comparatively high crime rate
Flats/terraced houses, small/no gardens, limited parking
Alexandra Good public transport & access to services
St Johns
St Johns; Located East of town centre
Average population & population distribution
Low crime rate (although not as low as Bixley)
Good GCSE results
Medium % employed in professional occupations
Semi-detached houses, reasonable public transport
Background/Key Facts Bixley; Easterly location on periphery of town
Ipswich is divided into separate wards. Although many Small population ­ many older people (45 ­ 65 & 65+)
overlap in terms of access to services each ward has its Low crime rate in all categories
own characteristics that make it possible to compare Excellent GCSE results
`typical' housing in one ward to another. High % employed in professional occupations
Tenure: The legal arrangement you have for living in your Detached houses, large gardens & garage.
home; Owner occupied, Private Rental, Social Rental Limited public transport as high % car ownership
Types of housing: Flats/apartments, bungalow, terraced,
semi-detached, detached
Housing quality (and quality of life) improves as you
move from the centre of Ipswich to the edge.
Case Study 2 ­ Meadowhall Shopping Centre - A case
study of the distribution and variation of retail service
provision and the ways in which such provision is
changing within one large urban area.
Location Map Reasons for building at this site
Cheaper land on outskirts
Lots of space for building and car parks
Great infrastructure
Easy access to customers and suppliers
Brownfield site development
Regeneration of run down site.
Impact of Meadowhall on surrounding area

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Money generated from retail
Aesthetics improved
Jobs created
Increased pollution from car usage
Congestion for local residents
Background/Key Facts Impact of Meadowhall on Sheffield CBD
Industrial revolution was Steelworks People who could afford public transport or a
Sheffield well known for steel particularly cutlery. car would choose MH due to range of goods,
When heavy industry went into decline works closed free and plentiful car parking, covered warm
Unemployment & Derelict sites area with access to food services. Easy to get to.…read more

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Location Map Push Factors (reasons to move from Limpopo)
Lack of electricity in homes for cooking etc
Poor job opportunities
Harsh climate making farming difficult
Low quality of life
No luxuries such as computers or TV
Pull Factors (reasons to move to Gauteng)
Better healthcare & schools
More highly paid job opportunities
Better housing facilities
Better infrastructure & sanitation facilities
Background/Key Facts Impacts on Limpopo
Gauteng is South Africa's most urban province and Brain drain ­ loss of some of the most skilled workers
contains…read more

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Environmentalist: New affordable homes are needed
but should be built on a brownfield site not greenfield
Background/Key Facts Stakeholders views ­ protest groups
In 2004 government decided that 10,000 new homes STAG (Save Trimley Against Growth)
should be built in Suffolk by 2021; but where to build `Village-style-life' will be lost as the area becomes a
them! suburb of Felixstowe and Ipswich
Trimley, between Ipswich & Felixstowe is one suggested SFC (Save Felixstowe Countryside)
area.…read more

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Location Map Causes
A Cold front in the Bay of Biscay was given immense
power by the warm air from Africa meeting cold air from
the Arctic. Where the two air masses met, a frontal
system developed, with the warm air being forced to
rise above the cold, creating a drop in air pressure.
Most of the storm damage occurred between 2-6 am on
the morning of 16 October 1987, with winds reaching up
to 110mph.…read more

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Background/Key Facts Solutions/Management
Taman Negara is located in the North East of Malaysia. Park being managed by W&PS
It covers 4,343 square km of Malaysia. It has been left to Waste from resort is recycled in a large plant behind the
grow for 130 million years. resort ­ compost used as fertiliser
The world's oldest tropical rainforest, home to many The W&PS uses the expertise of the Orang Asil to
species. monitor the park, check on trails and create new ones.…read more

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Half the countries surface affected, people dead/injured
Families suffering without food, shelter, fresh water,
medicines. Trying to save livestock. Having to live on
boats-cramped conditions. Transport routes destroyed.
Disease and reliance on aid
Background/Key Facts Solutions/Management
1998 flood Relief responses
Over 1300 people killed Food being dropped in
25 million made homeless Evacuation
The Govt.…read more

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Case Study 12 ­ Cromer/West Runton - A case study of
a coastal environment (small - regional scale): the
processes affecting this coast, its landforms and its
management.…read more

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Iron works have moved towards the coast
Effects of Decline
Unemployment & derelict sites
Economic decline in the local area
Poorer quality of life for out of work miners, factory
workers and their families
Background/Key Facts Solutions/Management
Initially iron was produced near the source of the raw Development of Iron &Steel works at coastal locations
materials needed; iron ore, limestone and coal. Steel Use of cheap imports of raw materials from China etc.…read more

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They have branches in many different countries to Highly qualified labour High-tech products
reduce costs and increase profits. They look for low Good trade links designed in Europe for
labour costs, cheap land or building costs & low business Demanding markets wealthier consumers
rates (taxes).
Growth in mobile phone
ownership has been very
strong in LEDC's ­ they
have bypassed landline
infrastructure. As LEDC's
are demanding more
mobile phones Nokia is
opening new sales offices
in these countries.…read more


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