GCSE Geography Unit 3 Exam Questions

Geography Unit 3 exam questions for the 2009 onwards Edexcel GCSE syllabus.

Focusing on 'Population Change' and 'A Moving World'.

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Geography Practice Questions: Unit 3 Human
Answer ALL questions in your own time. Remember to include data from
case studies if required and use PQE paragraph structure.
The following questions cover `Population Change'.
1. Define the following terms:
a. Birth Rate [2]
b. Population Density [2]
c. Population Distribution [2]
2. Study the demographic transition model. Explain the changes in birth rate
in Stages 2 and 3 of the model. [4]
3. Suggest reasons as to why the death rate in many LICs has fallen in
recent years. [3]
4. Explain the relationship between the physical geography of China and the
population distribution. [6]
5. For one country you have studied, describe the incentives/disincentives to
reduce the birth rate. [6]
6. For one country you have studied, explain the incentives that have been
used to encourage population growth. [6]
7. Describe the impact of an ageing population. [4]

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Outline from the population pyramid that Gambia has a youthful
population. [4]
9. Explain the consequences of a youthful population on Gambia. [4]
10. * Choose a case study you have studied. Explain the impacts of an
ageing population on this country, using data in your answer. One mark has
been added for the use of good spelling, punctuation and grammar in this question. [6
The following questions cover `A Moving World'.
11. Define the following terms:
a. Migration [1]
b. Emigration [1]
c.…read more

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Describe reasons for shortterm population flows using examples. [6]
19. For one case study you have studied, describe the reasons for retirement
migration. [4]
20. Using one of the following case studies, describe the reasons as to why
shortterm migration occurs between these countries. [4]
UK to:
o Cape town, South Africa
o Budapest, Hungary
o France
o Tottenham Hotspur
21. Explain the consequences of retirement migration on the host country.…read more


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