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Geography Practice Questions: Unit 3 Human

Answer ALL questions in your own time. Remember to include data from
case studies if required and use PQE paragraph structure.

The following questions cover `Population Change'.

1. Define the following terms:
a. Birth Rate [2]
b. Population Density…

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8. Outline from the population pyramid that Gambia has a youthful
population. [4]

9. Explain the consequences of a youthful population on Gambia. [4]

10. * Choose a case study you have studied. Explain the impacts of an
ageing population on this country, using data in your answer. One mark…

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18. Describe reasons for shortterm population flows using examples. [6]

19. For one case study you have studied, describe the reasons for retirement
migration. [4]

20. Using one of the following case studies, describe the reasons as to why
shortterm migration occurs between these countries. [4]
UK to:
o Cape…


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