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Daily Mail and General Trust

Daily Mail and General Trust is the conglomerate that owns:

·         Metro

·         MailOnline

·         Mail

·         DailyMail

·         Jobsite (and other companies not concerning newspapers.)

‘Associated Newspaper’ is a subsidiary that deals only with newspapers.

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News Corp

News Corp is the conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch. One of its subsidaries is News International, which deals with newspapers.

Rupert Murdoch owns:

  • The Times
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Sun

Beside UK Newspaper, he also owns several Australian newspapers.

His other companies beside newspapers are:

  • Harper Collins
  • Fox (Broadcast, Sport and Television.)
  • Sky (BSKYB, FoxTel, Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.)
  • 20th Century Fox (also Home Entertneiment and Fox Searchlight Pictures)
  • Shine Group
  • BlueSky Studios
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Trinity Mirror

Trinity Mirror is a big company that owns several regional newspapers, local and national. In fact they are constantly developing new titles. They also own a few 'red tops'.

Among the several, they own:

  • Mirror
  • The People
  • Sunday Mirror
  • Sunday Mail (It is the major scottish newspaper)
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Nothern and Shew

Nothern and Shew is a company that owns:

  • Daily Express
  • Daily Star
  • Channel 5
  • Star Magazine
  • New! Magazine
  • YouView ( an internet television service)
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Telegraph Media Group

The Telegraph Media Group owns:

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Sunday Telegraph

The were the first UK newspaper to have a website in 1994.

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The Guardian Media Group

The guardian media group owns:

·         The Guardian

·         The Observer

The Guardian is financed in a different way from the other newspaper, and it is the only one in the Uk to do so.

In 1861 , the editor of the Guardian was CP Scott (who was also an MP), who published his newspaper with the principle of 'public responsability', that was based on integrity and honesty. When he died he left the newspaper, to the Scott brothers, but they had to pay 'death duties' which means that you need to pay when someone of the family dies, so they created a trust with the sole ownership of the paper.

In 1956, the Editor published an article against the war. The Scott Trust supported him, because the Guardian is based on ‘liberal journalism.’

[All the family money was given to the trustees to be invested in the newspaper, to keep the guardian. The principle on which the guardian is based are ethic, honesty and integrity. In fact, they were not part of the phone hacking scandal.]

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Indipendent Print Limited

The Indipendent Print Limited is a company that is run by a Russian family, the Lebedev.

They own:

·         Indipendent

·         I

·         Evening Standard (freebe – they made it free and gain money with advertising.)

·         Will soon have a channel TV (focused on London)

Both ‘I’ and ‘independent’ are now in compact forms.

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