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The Film Industry: Supply and Demand

The principle reason for companies to exist is to make profit. To do this they need to supply markets with products that are in demand. In the case of British film this means producing film texts that appeal to British audiences desires to see films that reflect their national identity, culture and ideologies.

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Convergence: coming together.

Institutional Convergence: the ownership of multiple content or distribution channels. Institutional Convergence can either be achieved through cross company cooperation or through company mergers and takeover in order to create a Media Conglomerate. Sony, for example, bought Ericsson to acquire its mobile phone expertise and Bluetooth technology.

Technological Convergence: is used in the sense of the coming together of information and communication technologies, especially the merging of telecommunications and traditional media technologies, to create new ways of producing, distributing and using knowledge, information and entertainment.

Mergers: the combining of different companies.

Takeover: the purchase of one company by another.

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Conglomerate: (same as below but doesn’t have to be media companies)

A Media Conglomerate: is a company who, through the process of convergence, owns a large number of smaller companies in various mass media such as television, radio, publishing, movies, and the Internet.

Cross Media Conglomerates: conglomerate that owns different types of media companies.

Cross Media Ownership: also refers to a type of media ownership in which one type of communications company (say a publishing company such as Newscorp) owns or is the sister company of another type of medium (such as BSkyB).

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Vertically integrated: Form of business organization in which one company controls all stages of production of a good, from the acquisition of raw materials to the retailing of the final product.

Vertically Integrated Cross Media Conglomerate: when a media conglomerate owns companies for all stages of media production e.g. distribution companies as well as production companies ect.

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Synergy: two or more things working together to create maximum efficiency. In media, synergy is the promotion and sale of a product (and all its versions) throughout the various subsidiaries of a cross media conglomerate, e.g. films, soundtracks or video games.

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Above The Line: Promotional activities carried out through mass media, such as television, radio and newspaper, are classed as above the line promotion. This includes advertising such as posters, billboards, TV/Cinema/Radio/Internet trailers, TV/Radio /Internet interviews, movie tie-in games/comics/novelisations/soundtracks etc.

Below The Line: The terms "below the line" promotion or communications refers to forms of non-media communication, even non-media advertising. This includes non-media marketing such as merchandising, e.g. toys, branded products, tie-ins with food/drink companies (e.g. fast food companies) etc. Casino Royale has below the line tie–ins with Bollinger, Ford, Heineken, Omega, Smirnoff, and Virgin Atlantic.

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Product placement: when a product is placed in a form of media for the purpose of advertising.

Is a form of:

Covert Advertising: when a product or brand is embedded into entertainment and media.

Proprietary technologies: A process, tool, system or similar item that is the property of a business or an individual and provides some sort of benefit or advantage to the owner.

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Killer apps: A software application that is exceptionally useful or exciting. Killer apps are innovative and often represent the first of a new breed, and they are extremely successful. (Something appealing about something)

Bundled: two or more things placed together e.g. a console bundle (console and games for example).

Entertainment hub: A device that funnels multimedia content streamed from a computer to a stereo or home theatre system. It receives digital audio and video data from the home network via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection and delivers it to the playback system. (For example play station three you can watch movies, listen to music, play games and access the Internet)

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