Issues in Sport

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Types of media involved in sports coverage:

  • Videos/flms, books, magazines, internet, radio, newspapers and television

Positive effects on sport:

  • Provides money and funding
  • Sports become more popular
  • Better coverage
  • Educates viewers
  • Creates star performers
  • Greater audiences

Negative effects on sport:

  • Some sports cannot or are not being televised so they do not get such a great audience and popularity is lower, in squash the ball moves too fast to be seen on screen 
  • It can dictate sponsors
  • Can create bordeom due to over coverage
  • Can reduce attendance to games 
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Sponsorship provides financial support for sports and performers, and sports/performers advertise the products.

Forms of sponsorship:

  • equipment, clothing, accessories, transport costs, training costs and money

Major sports:

  • football
  • formula 1
  • city marathons

Minor sports:

  • netball
  • hockey
  • volleyball
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Political assistance:

  • Finance 
  • National Lottery
  • Government Sports Minister 
  • Provision of sports acts in parliament
  • Legislation provides laws for sports venues
  • Research into sporting disasters
  • Specific aid for individual sports and organisations
  • Protection of sports from commercial televeison e.g. just showing tennis on Sky
  • Development of health related programmes
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Sporting Behaviour

Bad behaviour includes:

  • Over agression
  • gamesmanship e.g. time wasting
  • cheating
  • sledging e.g. talking to and opponent to put them off during a game
  • Intimidating the officials
  • Spectators can intimidate players
  • Hooliganism from spectators
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  • WOMEN- despite changes in sexism against women, fewer females still play sport that males
  • DISABLED- there are now more facilities for people with disabilities to participate and spectate sport. The Paralympics is a good example of this
  • RELIGION/CULTURE/ETHNICITY- sports is much fairer to everyone now. In Germany Hitler had refused to acknowledge Jesse Owens' achievements because he was black 
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