Women in Sport

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  • Women in Sport
    • In the past ...
      • Physical activity was something to be done by men only and it made women look very unattractive
      • Women could harm themselves by doing too much physical activity
      • Women should wear respectful clothing that covered their bodies up e.g. long dresses. This meant that playing sport was very uncomfortable.
      • Women should look after the home and the children and this meant that they didn't have the time or energy to play sport.
    • Today ...
      • Attitudes towards women in sport are better today. More and more women are playing sport because they aren't being held back.
      • Local authorities often have 'Women Only' evenings at gyms and swimming pools as an incentive for women to join in.
      • They provide a relaxing environment for women to meet people with similar interests while they get plenty of exercise at the same time.
    • Problems in Women's Sport
      • Too many sports are still considered 'Male Only'
      • Women are often not allowed to compete with men. This is even true in sports like snooker where factors such as physical strength have no relevance. Showjumping is one of the few evens where women can compete against men.
      • Poor Media Coverage- women's events usually have a lower profile than men's events.
      • Less sponsorship- companies want to sponsor the events with the most media attention- generally the men's events.
      • Less Prize Money- women's events usually have less prize money even in sports where the women do get good media coverage such as tennis.
      • Few role models for women- again, lack of media support is the main problem.
    • Women's Sport is now promoted
      • Women's Sports Foundation- set up in 1984 in the UK. It aims to:
        • Increase awareness of issues surrounding women in sport
        • Help girls and women to get involved in sport at all levels
        • Encourage organisations to improve sporting opportunities for women
        • Challenge inequality in sport and seek to bring about change
        • Raise the profile of British sportswomen.


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