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Sections under cultural influences?
Age, gender, race and disability
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Sections under health and well being influences?
Illness, health problems
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Sections under image influences?
whether the sport is fashionable, media coverage
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Sctions under people influences?
Peers, parents, role models
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Sections under socio-economic influences?
Affordable, social status of the activity
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Sections under resources influences?
time, access, facitilities
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Media coverage effects
bring people to the sport, sponsorship creates more oppurtunities, creates role models for aspiration, sport stars can also be hounded- negative effect
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Fashion effects
can go in and out of fashion, if the clothing or equipment is fashionable people are more likely to do the activity, gym is popular-more gyms open-more oppurtunity to visit them
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family influence
encourage children, push children, parents pay for clothing and equipment, children are reliant on parents to get them there
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peers influence
if all your friends liek a sport you are more likely to take it up, if your friends dislike sport you are less likely to do it
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role models influence
people who excel become role models and inspire people, this encourages more peopel to participate
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gender influence
male only sports, female only sports, women cannot compete with men, women's sport have lower profile and less media coverage and therefore less female role models, less sponsorship available so fewer oppurtunities for women to do high level sport
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race, religion and culture influence
religion (muslim women cannot wear revealing clothing-limiting), racism and racial abuse in sport (racist chants in football), ethnic minorities are less likely to participate in physical activities at all levels
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age limitations influence
16-30 have lots of choice, 50+ are more physically limited ( walking, swimming, bowls), some sports are damaging to a young person body (weighlifting, long distance running), some competitions have minimum age restriction
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poor health limitations
can stop you from being able to do some physical activities, but swimming can help asthma sufferers (some attacks brought on my cold, dry air but swimming is warm, damp air), swimming also helps those with joint issues (Water supports the body)
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disability influence
hard to access sport facilities, many schemes to give disabled peopel opportunity, more media coverage, change peoples attitude towards disability in sport, more disabled role models- pistorius and Ade Adeptitan
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free time influence
the more free time you have the more time you have to exercise
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where you live effects
outdoor facilities (pitches, tracks, water sports) and indoor facilities (purpose build buildings), having access means you're more likely to use them, having a car or good bus links helps get to facilities, Lake District vs Manchester opportunities
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money effects
expensive equipment (rock climbing, triathlon), membership for some sports (golf clubs), travel to access facilities (ski slopes)
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status symbol influence
more appropriate for certain groups, sports like polo are associated with upper class, football associated with working class
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Sections under health and well being influences?


Illness, health problems

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Sections under image influences?


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Sctions under people influences?


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Sections under socio-economic influences?


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