Influences on Physical Participation

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Peers - positive and negative effects


  • Support views on participation
  • Encouragement eg watch a game
  • Listen to advice
  • Admire/fllow their example
  • Join in with them


  • Go along with negative views of physical activity, PE lessons
  • Choosing not to be active because they aren't
  • Not going to training because friends aren't
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Family - positive and negative effects


  • Role models
  • Financial support eg, equipment, kit, subs
  • Provide transport for training and matches
  • Encouragement and motivation


  • Poor role model: inactive
  • Lack of financial support
  • Lack of encouragement
  • Pressure to focus on academic work
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Gender - positive and negative effects


  • Less an issue now than previously
  • More opportunities for women to play same sports as men
  • More opportunities for remale role models within sport, eg. referee, coach, manager


  • Still some gender differences: inbalance in media coverage, money
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Ethnicity - positive and negative advantages


  • Role models: increase in ethnic minority participation in elite sports


  • Traditional views don't always support participation eg some religious don't encourage females due to clothing issues
  • Influences by visibility of role models of similat racial background, eg fewer black people in sports like tennis and golf than football
  • Instances of racial abuse
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Sport England

  • government agency
  • aim: 'start, stay, succeed' in sport
  • focuses on priority groups
  • role: provides funding, facilities, measures participation

Facilities, Funding, Measuring participation, Priority groups

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  • responsible for their particular sport
  • provides funding to support the development of talented athletes and competitions at different levels
  • provide support to coaches and officials

Coaching, Officiating, Talent development, Competitions

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Youth Sports Trust

  • aims to increase participation of young people in PE and school sport
  • manages national school sport competitions - school, inter-school, area, national
  • leadership and volunteering programs eg Young Ambassadors

'To change young people's lives through sport'

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Dame Kelly Homes Trust

'To get young people's lives back on track by providing sport from young sports stars'

  • inspire participation
  • mentor young people

eg, AQA unlocking potential, London 2012 young leaders

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School Influences - National Healthy Eating Progra

  • AIM: 'to help young people be able to make informed health and life choices'
  • Long-term initiative
  • Whole school approach - parents, students, teachers
  • Four core themes:
    • Personal, social and health education - sex, relationship and drug education
    • Healthy Eating - teaching healthy food choices and provided nutritious food and drink
    • Physical Activity - provide pupils with range of participation opportunities and importance
    • Emotional health and well-being - provided for vulnerable pupils, confidential pastoral support
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School Influences - National Curriculum

  • teaching PE is a legal requirement
  • aims:
    • improve health and fitness
    • provide balance with other subjects
    • opportunity to try different sports
    • provide qualification
    • teach value of physical activity and sport in society
  • Opportunites: Timetabled lessons, extracurricular, clubs, link with local clubs, outside visits
  • Cross-curricular links between Pe and eg Science, IT, maths
  • Variety of categories
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