How did the state of the Church influence Henry to break away?


Was Henry influenced by the mood for change?

The events in Autumn 1529 seem to suggest he was:

He dismissed Wolsey

He replaced Wolsey with a layman, Thomas More- a high profile reformer

He summoned Parliament

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The Role of Anne Boleyn

Did Anne Boleyn introduce Henry to reformist ideas and encourage him to adopt them?

Tyndale's 'Obedience of Christian Men'- given to Henry by Anne

Simon Fish: his book critisied greedy clerics

Christopher St Gemain emphasised the role of the state controlling the church

Anne had links with reformist academics at Cambridge e.g. Cranmer

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Factors in the break with Rome

Henry's Conscience

Henry's desire for a male heir

Henry's love for Anne Boleyn

Henry's need to increse revenue

Henry's desire for power

Anne Boleyn's refusal to be Henry's mistress

Wolsey's position as Papal Legate

The ideas of Reformists

Anne Boleyn falls pregnant December 1532

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Henry's Conscience

Honestly believed his marriage to Catherine was wrong

He believed what the Leviticus scripture said was true- it said if you married you dead brothers wife, then you would not have any children/sons

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Henry's desire for a male heir

Henry needed a male heir to continue with the strong Tudor line

Henry only had one surviving legitimate child a daughter called Mary

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Henry's love for Anne Boleyn

Henry had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn

1526- he began to woo Anne

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Henry's need to increase revenue

Henry had spend all of his inheritance on war with France which had gained nothing

Taxation to fund for war had also caused riots (Amicable Grant) another method was needed to get money to go the war again

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Henry's desire for power

He wanted to have a powerful and heroic reign like King Arthur

He wanted to become King of France

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Anne Boleyn's refusal to be his mistress

Anne refused to sleep with Henry, unless they were married, she wanted to be his Queen

1527- Henry pressed Anne to be his mistress

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Wolsey's position as Papal Legate

Wolsey had to chose between King or Pope and it seemed with his position that he was too close to the Pope

Wolsey was accused of Praemunire

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The ideas of reformists

Henry believed that people wanted change

Simon Fish's book criticised clerics

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Anne Boleyn falls pregnant December 1532

Henry needed a legitimate male heir to the throne

Only legitimate child he had was a daughter called Mary

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