Anne Boleyn

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Anne Boleyn

  • Henry VIII's second wife - 1533-36
  • Protestant
  • Gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1533
  • Died, beheaded, in 1536
  • Father: Thomas Boleyn
  • Uncle: Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk

She wasn't responsible for Henry wanting to get an annulment with Catherine of Aragon

  • Anne was an unpopular harlot (****), which would make Henry unpopular for annulling his marriage with Catherine (who was popular)
  • Catherine was barren - Henry desperately wanted an heir (The Great Matter)
  • Thomas Cranmer was the one who actually annulled the marriage
  • Annulling the marriage would lead to the Break with Rome, which would allow Henry to take all the money (annates) that had been going to Rome, making him rich - a bonus and incentive

She was responsible for Henry wanting to get an annulment with Catherine of Aragon

  • By this time, 1525, Henry was in love with Anne. This meant she could influence him - she said she wouldn't have sex with him until he said he would annul…


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