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Henry VIII 1509 ­ 1543
Cardinal Wolsey
Reasons for Wolsey's rise to power:
Many important ministers from Henry VII's reign were ageing.
In 1509 Wolsey became Royal Almoner, making him a member of the royal council.
Wolsey carried out all Henry's matters of state, making him indispensable to the King.…

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In 1523 an opportunity presented itself to undermine Francis' power when the French King was faced with a serious
rebellion from the Duke of Bourbon. Bourbon was a leading French noble who felt he had been denied his rightful
territorial inheritance by Francis, and waged open rebellion in defiance of…

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Why was Clement VII unable to grant an annulment?
The diplomatic situation: Clement was under influence from Charles, Catherine's nephew, who was unwilling to let a
close family member be wronged and humiliated. Wolsey wanted to end the marriage through Rome, however was
unable to.
Catherine of Aragon's stubbornness: The…

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Waltham Abbey in Essex in 1540. Some houses became cathedrals e.g. Gloucester
Thomas More: More became Lord Chancellor in 1529. He disagreed with Henry's divorce and could not accept him as
head of the Church of England. He refused to sign an oath of loyalty to Henry and accept…

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The Lincolnshire rebellion had spread to the north and from October until December a more serious rebellion took place
in Yorkshire. Under the leadership of Robert Aske, 30,000 men marched on York and joined the pilgrimage. It was Aske
who declared the rebellion to be a pilgrimage. The rebels ordered…


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