History Henry VII and Henry VIII

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Revision guide- The Tudors

Henry vii, 1485-1509

Battle of Bosworth

-          Henry in 1485 on August the 1 set sail from France with small army of English supporters and French soldiers. They landed near Pembroke Wales and marched north and then east, to English boarder. He gained Rhys ap Thomas support (powerful landowner in Wales) gaining soldiers. He gained more as he went on but not enough.

-          22 August 1485 the five thousand strong army collected Henry Tudor met the royal army commanded by King Richard III in battle at Bosworth Field.

Henry Tudor’s consolidation of power

Claim to the throne; this was weak

-          His claim was from his mother who was Margaret Beaufort who was the direct descendant of Edward III by marriage of his third son, named John of Gaunt he was Duke of Lancaster, to Katherine Swynford. But John (Margaret’s grandfather) was born prior to marriage weakened any claim on this line of descent.

-          Henry VII was the half-nephew of the King of England, extended family member

-          Henry victory for the throne relied on how he done in battle, if Richard was killed then it was a sign from God.


-          Henry aim was to secure and strengthen his dynasty

-          To prove himself as King he would have to: establish effective government, maintain law and order, control the nobility and secure the Crowns finances


-          This was important: everything done depended on the monarchy energy, interest and willingness to work.

-          Historians more know about Henry aims so his character is usually disagreed on

Establishing and consolidating the Tudor dynasty

-          Henry dated his beginning from the Battle of Bosworth: 22 August 1485. Richard and supporters therefore traitors: estates taken by the Crown using attainders

-          Henry arranged his coronation before first parliament meeting: parliament didn’t make him King

-          Married Elizabeth of York: Edward IV daughter. Uniting the houses.

-          Arthur his son born early in his reign strengthen it September 1489

-          Support of Church and got control of the nobility through the coronation being approved by the church and in feudal law the coronation required the nobility to swear an oath.  

-          Secure pope support and kings of France and Spain 

-          Acts of attainder against Yorkist who had fought at Bosworth- increase income. Further enhanced when parliament brought in tonnage and poundage.




Spot the mistake. What wrong with his paragraph written in response to the question: To what extent do you agree Henry VII’s claim to throne was weak

Henry’s claim to the throne was weak because his father was an earl and not a King. His grandfather was not even an Englishman; he was a Welsh squire. Henry claim through inheritance was weak because it descended through the female line. Henry was an exiled earl who took to gambling on winning the throne


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