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Greek ideas!

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Natural Diagnoses or Treatment

  • resting
  • change of diet
  • regular exercise
  • keep clean wash face and eyes using pure water
  • rub whole body with oil
  • long walks
  • in winter eat as much as possible and drink as little as possible
  • in summer eat as little as possible and drink as much as possible
  • rub teeth inside and out
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Supernatural Diagnoses or Treatment

  • a visit to the temple of Asclepius was often prescribed
  • however most people who went to the temple did get better there were a few reasons for this such as:
  • plazebo effect: people believed they were better (this was all in their minds)
  • they did things such as; relax, exercise and eat a better diet.
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The theory of the Four Humours - the Greeks big id

  • the humours are the liquids in the body, and when you are well they should be balanced but when you get ill, they become unbalanced.
  • the four humours are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.
  • blood, people cough this up or have nose bleeds, this is how you lose blood
  • phlegm, people cough this up or sneeze this, this is how you lose phlegm
  • yellow bile, people vomit half digested food after a meal
  • black bile, people vomit when they haven't eaten, so no food is in your system.
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  • was born in AD129 in Greece
  • studied for 9 years in Corinth, Crete, Palestrine and learnt the most at Alexandria
  • became a physician because he believed in the theory made by Hippocrates, and was interested in bones, and thought that he could act upon Hippocrates theory.
  • Galen liked being a doctor to the gladiators because he gained personal experience as a surgeon as people suffered from stab wounds, broken bones and other major injuries
  • in AD169 became a famous doctor for the Roman Emperor and a teacher to other doctors.
  • thought that Hippocrates was a very intelligent person but needs to improve on some of the ideas.
  • thought of the opposites theory; if you had a cold eat something hot
  • wasn't able to dissect human bodies due to religious beliefs in reincarnation, and dissected pigs and apes learnt that brain controls the whole body.
  • saw deade bodies being a doctor to the gladiators and in the tombs
  • written 60 books about his medical ideas
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Summary of the Greeks work

Knowledge of Anatomy
The Greeks could identity some parts of the body and had begun to understand some of its workings For Example: that the brain controls the body

Causes of illness

  • the four humours
  • the gods

Medicine, treatments and cures

  • careful observations
  • herbal remedies
  • charms and spells
  • rest, diet and exercise
  • personal hygiene
  • bleeding
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Summary of Greeks work

Who provided medical care

  • the Greek god, Asclepius
  • Greek doctors
  • physicians


  • setting broken bones
  • extreme cases amputation
  • draining of the lungs

Prevention of illness

  • rest
  • good diet
  • exercise
  • personal hygiene
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Summary of Greeks work

Factors affecting medicine

  • they can't dissect the human body
  • religion
  • key individuals
  • communication
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