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Medicine over time
History revision…read more

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Medicine over time…read more

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Key factors and words
Factor Example
· Continuity ­ when things don't Religion Medieval church leaders forced doctors to follow
change Galen's 2nd century methods
Chance Paré found better treatment for wounds when we ran
· Change ­ when things become out of oil for cauterization
different Individuals Robert Koch identified microbes and carefully
studied how they caused diseases
· Chance ­ when something
Government Pubic health led to cleaner healthier
which hasn't been predicted living conditions
happens War Wars in Europe after collapse of Rome led to loss of
medical knowledge
· Progress ­ change which leads Education During collapse of Rome many libraries destroyed
to improvements
Communicati Egyptians desire for travel and trade led to new
· Regress ­ change which leads ons plants being found and used in medicine
to decline Technology Invention of x ray led to detection of many illnesses
and broken bones…read more

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Greek and Roman…read more

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The theory of the 4 humours
· 4 humours were blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile
· If humours were in balanced then a person was healthy
· If the humour were unbalanced a person was ill
· Greeks believed everything was made up of 4 elements,
which were air, water, fire and earth
· They also linked the reasons with the elements
· The idea of the 4 humours led to the Greeks to d
everything in moderation o keep the humours blanked
· If a person was sneezing and had a runny nose in the
winter this meant that they have too much phlegm in their
· This meant that people started to look for more natural
explanations for disease…read more

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Progress and regress in Ancient Greece
Progress Regress
· They developed surgical tools · Not able to get medical care
· Encouraged people to live · Charms and prayers were still
health lifestyles used by many
· Greeks' recorded case studies · Lots of Greeks visited
· When observing patients Asclepions
· Used wine and vinegar to treat · Theory of 4 humours would
wounds, they didn't know but continue to be accepted for the
both of these were basic next 1500 years preventing
antiseptics people from looking for the true
cause of disease…read more

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