Medicine through time Revision!!

Medicine through time Revision!!

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Exam Revision

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Egyptian Medicine…read more

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Embalming= treating the body with spices.
What was new in Egyptian medicine?
Skilled craftsmen could make medical Many Egyptians wore amulets or charms to
instruments-P ward off evil spirits
Cleanliness was important they washed They believed that gods and spirits caused
twice a day.- illness and cured it as well.
The invention of papyrus meant that Key: Progress
medical discoveries could be written down. Regress
Traders bought back new medical plants
and ideas about cures-P
Imhotep was a god that could cure illness-
There was basic surgical knowledge -cysts
could be removed.
They believed that a swollen knee was
caused by a blocked channel in the body-P
Mouldy bread was used to treat bladder
disease. -P…read more

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The Ancient Greeks and
Medicine…read more

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Hippocrates Ideas:
Hippocrates said illness happens when the humours are out of
The weather or other factors such as getting hot or eating the
wrong foods can unbalance the humours and cause illness.
This fit in neatly with the Greek idea of the four elements
Hippocrates ideas were widely known because the ideas of
natural causes were accepted in the Greek World. Many of his
followers probably wrote medical books over 200-300 years
and passed them down.
Clinical observation was important as you could see symptoms
and write them down. Therefore, doctors could observe ad
treat the illness better next time. also this way new ideas about
medicine could developed, patients could be treated at the
right time.
However, his ideas were not completely accepted, some old
ideas still lingered about.…read more

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The weather or eating the wrong foods Poor people would not be able to get any
could affect your health proper medical care.
Doctors carefully observed the symptoms Surgical tools were made of metal such as
of their patients. copper and steel.
There are 4 humours in the body. Charms and prayers were used.
Exercise and getting enough sleep and Medical knowledge was recorded in writing
rest were important.
People were often treated by bleeding the People were encouraged to keep clean
patient to draw of excess blood
There was a god of healing
Natural and supernatural ideas about
illness existed
There was little understanding of how the
body worked.…read more

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