Medicine, Treatment & Public Health Revision Cards

Revision Cards covering medicine & treatment and public health of the edexcel course.

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History ­ Medicine & Public
Health…read more

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Ancient World…read more

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Four Humours
· Blood ­ Spring ­ Air ­ Warm & Moist
· Yellow Bile ­ Summer ­ Fire ­ Warm & Dry
· Black Bile ­ Autumn ­ Earth ­ Cold & Dry
· Phlegm ­ Winter ­ Water ­ Cold & Moist
· The Greeks thought illness was caused by an
imbalance in humours e.g. In winter you
produce too much phlegm, so your body gets
rid of it by sneezing and coughing.…read more

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Effect of Roman Society on Brittan
· Realised that hygiene is linked to health.
· Government organised large scale projects.
· Built aqueducts to bring in clean water, and
built sewers to clear human waste.
· Built communal baths.…read more

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· Greek physician who developed the theory of
the four humours.
· Developed the clinical observation approach
stating that all doctors should: study the
patients symptoms, compare symptoms with
previous cases, and then diagnose treatments
once predictions shown to be accurate.
· Emphasised exercise and dieting as
treatments.…read more

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Roman Ideas on Disease
· Supernatural reasons e.g. A curse sent by God.
· Bad air from places such as swamps.
· Imbalance in the 4 humours.
· Herbal remedies & bloodletting were the main
forms of treatment.…read more

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