Medicine Through Time Revision Cards

A PDF OF THIRTY THREE REVISION CARDS OF MEDICINE THROUGH TIME INCLUDING THE:Twentieth Century , The Industrial Revolution,Renaissance,The Arab World,The Middle Ages,Late Middle Ages,Early Middle Age,Ancient Rome,Ancient Greece,Ancient Egyptian & Pre-Historic Times.

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cause of illnesses such as headaches.
people believed that trephanning released the evil spirit inside somebodies skull which was the
Trephanning, although an early form of surgery, was carried out for religious reasons - pre-historic
to supernatural ones, such as charms and amulets and chantings from the Medicine Man.

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also that people needed rest when they were ill. Careful observation was stressed.
beginning to understand about the function of organs. They knew that fitness was important but
Change: Herophilus discovered that the brain controlled the body, not the heart - Greeks were

Asclepions. A belief in the Gods was…

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today by doctors and which promises professionalism.
eused for hundreds of years and even suggested the Hippocratic Oath - an oath which is still used
Hippocrates also believed that careful observation was important. He wrote many books that wer
Autumn - Black Bile - Earth - Dry Skin, Vomiting.

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6. Fixed policies about burying the dead, including introducing graveyards.
5. Extra precautions against preventing fires so that the spread of disease was limited.
4. Public toilets also available to everybody.
3. Public baths available to everybody at only a small fee.
2. Providing fresh water and sewage collection to…

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for throwing rubbish into the streets.
items into the streets or if they had filth outside their houses. In 1364 people could be arrested
employed to remove waste from streets. Fines were also set up to stop people from throwing
People were not allowed to throw things into the streets,…

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The Great Plague (1665)
The Black Death (1348 - 1350)
Charms, cutting crosses into foreheads to ward off the Devil and evil spirits.
amputations, wine and herbs (which were effective as anaesthetics). Supernatural ways included:
ointments, plasters, using Galen's Theory of Opposites to balance the Humours, herbal remedies,
What types…

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caused by things outside the body attacking the body.
Paracelsus (1493 - 1541): He also disagreed with Galen's ideas. He thought that disease was

"The Fabric of the Human Body".
also taught students who wanted to learn about medicine and anatomy. He published a book titled:
humans once he dissected…

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just accept Galen's work.
doctors to realise that they needed to look to other ideas about anatomy and medicine rather than
knowledge of anatomy. These inviduals proved that Galen's work was wrong, which helped other
The work of Vesalius, Paracelsus, Pare and Harvey all contributed to help develop medicine and…

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1812 his work was published in Arabic and Turkish. In 1852 the government made vaccinations
By 1803 his vaccination was used in the USA. By 1805 Napoleon's soldiers were vaccinated. By

would turn into cows.
work, not believing that a disease from cows could be good for them -…

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clotting chemical was found and an effective way of storing the blood was sorted.
During World War One the many problems with blood transfusions were solved because an anti-

Karl Steiner discovered that there were different blood groups in 1900.

However, only some were successful because it was not…


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