Food words 91 to 102

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What you get when a solid dissolves in a liquid

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Standard food component

A ready-made ingridient or food part

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What you get when a solid is held in a liquid but dosn't dissolve

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A sustainable process or material is one that can be used without causing permanent damage to the enviorment or using up finite resources e.g. sustainable wood comes from forests where fast-growing trees are chopped down and replaced

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When protein coagulates and squeezes the fat and water out of a food

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Target group

The group of people you want to sell your product to

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Making meat more tender so that it is easier to eat

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Test kitchen

A kitchen is used to develop new food products

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A toxic chemical is one that is harmful to health

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Unsaturated fats

A group of fats that come mainly from vegetable sources and are ususally liquid at room temp

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A thick, syrupy consistency

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Work order

A table or flow chart that shows tasks in sequence 

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