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A2 Food technology flashcards

Found in: raw meat, poultry, eggs, milk, dairy
products, fish, sauces, dressings, cream filled
desserts and toppings
Symptoms: fever, headache, vomiting,
Salmonella abdominal pain, diarrhoea
Onset time: 648 hours
Duration of illness: 18 days
Destroyed: by heat
Found in: pasteurised milk, raw milk, cheese,
soft ice…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Symptoms: difficulties in talking, breathing,
swallowing, double vision, headaches,
nausea, vomiting, paralysis of cranial nerves
Onset time: 822 hours
Duration: months can lead to death
Destroyed: hard to do so, boiling can do for 4
Found in: meat, meat products, gravy
Symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhoea…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

High temperature
Rapidly heating liquid to 72°C for 15 seconds,
Pasteurisation then rapidly cooled to 10°C
Kills bacteria
e.g. milk
High temperature
Fruit/veg in glass bottles, water/liquid added,
Bottling heated in oven, lid on for air tight seal
e.g. seasonal fruit and veg
High temperature

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Freeze dried foods then sealed in moisture
and oxygen proof packaging to ensure
freshness until opened
When water is replaced food regains its
original fresh flavour, texture and appearance
High sugar levels, bacteria don't thrive on
Salt them
e.g. meats
Absorbs the water, bacteria…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Computer aided design
a system for:
creating, modifying and
communicating a plan for a product
calculate the nutritional value of a
product (e.g. nutrition programme)
design food products on screen
CAD (modelling)
use of internet to complete research
packaging and label design
data logging…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Peptide link diagram

Condensation when a molecule of water is eliminated during
Polymerisation the formation of the peptide link.

Dipeptide When TWO amino acids join together

long chains of amino acids join together

A mixture of proteins used to get the essential
amino acids in…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Coiled in a spiral fibrous protein

High biological protein
Protein which provide the 8 essential amino
HBV acids
e.g. meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, soya bean
Low biological value
Protein which doesn't give the 8 essential
LBV amino acids
e.g. peas, beans, lentils, nuts, grains

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Coagulation involves the denaturation of
protein: changing from a soluble to an
insoluble structure
e.g. When eggs are heated, the proteins in
the white and yolk coagulate. Egg white
proteins coagulate first at about 60oC and the
white becomes opaque and forms a gel. The…

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A2 Food technology flashcards

(irreversible), (when heated/cooked), such as
in the whisking of egg white. The
protein molecules unfold and form a
reinforcing network around the air bubbles,
thus stabilising the foam. Food products such
as meringues and soufflés are
examples of this effect.
Mechanical pounding, cutting up meat,

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A2 Food technology flashcards

Animals such as cows, sheep and pigs tend
to live a reasonably long period of time before
being slaughtered and as a result of their
lifestyle, their muscles and connective tissues
become developed and stronger (tougher) as
they get older.
The older the animal, the longer…


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