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28 pages, 152 flashcards going over all aspects of the AQA AS level food technnology specifaction. Blank cards at end for any other areas which may have been missed/you want to add. Hope it helps! :)

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AS Food technology flashcards

Complex carbohydrate
Source: bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereal
Function: provides slow release energy,
Starch converting glucose for energy
Deficiency: fatigue, weakness, trouble
healing wounds/fighting disease, immune
system problems
Excess: obesity, stored as fat
Simple carbohydrate
Source: fruit, milk, sugar, preservatives,
Function: required by blood…

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AS Food technology flashcards

is needed for growth in muscle mass and the
maintenance of muscle mass and normal
Deficiency: Marasmus, Kwashiorkor,
Cachexia, Deficiencies of Protein C and
Protein S, Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
Excess: surplus of energy if not used for
growth and repair, demineralisation of bones,

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AS Food technology flashcards

Water soluble
Source: pork, poultry, fish, bread, milk, eggs,
vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals
Vitamin B6 Function: allowing the body to use and store
energy from protein and carbohydrates in
Pyridoxine food, helping to form haemoglobin
Deficiency: oily flaky skin, nausea,
diarrhoea, depression, confusion
Excess: loss of…

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AS Food technology flashcards

Function: works together with vitamin B12 to
form healthy red blood cells, helps to reduce
the risk of central nervous system defects
Deficiency: neural tube defect, folate
deficiency anaemia.
Excess: disguise vitamin B12 deficiency>
damage nervous system, concern in elderly
as harder to absorb
Retinol Function:…

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AS Food technology flashcards

Excess: can cause hyperphosphatemia, high
blood phosphate levels

Source: meat, fish, egg yolk, pulses, cereals,
dried fruit, green vegetables
Function: keeps red blood cells healthy
Deficiency: tiredness and irritability, short
Iron attention span, anaemia
Excess: fatigue, weakness, weight loss, joint
pain, abdominal pain

Source: meat, eggs,…

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AS Food technology flashcards

Source: bananas, broccoli, sprouts, fish,
nuts, pulses, beef, chicken, turkey
Function: controlling the balance of fluids in
the body, correct functioning of the heart
Potassium Deficiency: nausea, vomiting, constipation,
abdominal cramping, tiredness
Excess: stomach pain, nausea and

Source: green leafy veg, nuts, brown rice,…

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AS Food technology flashcards

Excess: kidneys can't work fast enough >
blood becomes dilute > moves into your
cells/organs > causes brain to swell, death

Daily reference value
Series of estimates of the amount of energy
DRVs and nutrients needed by healthy population
groups not individuals
Developed by SCAN


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AS Food technology flashcards

Basel metabolism rate
Amount of energy required by an individual to
maintain the heart, lungs, muscles, chemical
reactions and body temperature
BMR Rate of which energy is used at complete rest
Factors affecting BMR: metabolism, body
size, age, gender, health, activity of thyroid
glands, growth, pregnancy,…

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AS Food technology flashcards

Used to make food look attractive
Sometimes added to replace lost
characteristics during processing
Natural sources ­ seeds, roots, grasses
Synthetic ­ E102 tartrazine, E110 sunset

Helps keep food for longer by slowing
down/preventing decay
Attack enzymes in bacteria/microorganisms
and stop them from functioning…

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AS Food technology flashcards

e.g. monosodium glutamate (MSG)
used to bring out the flavour of an ingredient
used a lot in processed foods such as ready
meals, soups, sauces > sweet and sour from
a Chinese takeaway
Keeps food for longer by stopping chemical
reactions which make foods go…




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