ENGLISH LANG & LIT A2-- the basics!

the basics: (what my teacher always nags our class about- saying theese are improtant so when you write your essays in the exam- you know what the examiners are looking for)

Assesment objectives: AO's

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assesment objectives

A01:   Terminology , e.g.- simile, metaphors, symbolism, pathetic fallacy

·       SPAG- Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar

A02:  Structure = of the text i.e. is it a poem, sonnet etc.

·       Form = Genre (type of text-- e.g. gothic novel)

·       Language = formal/informal, non standard English etc...

A03:   context- here you add little snippets about the writer(s) and a small overview (don't over do it) of them and their background-such as what inspired them, family, etc

·       connections- links between the texts you have studied or give- this can also be contextual links- (such as the time books were written at OR both-all authors are male etc)

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