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English lang and lit revision
Purposes of talk
It is useful to mention the purposes of a text as a overall point in a answer to the
unseen text comparison in the exam. They provide a overall point to discuss.
Transactional: language used to obtain goods, services or ideas: exchanges
where speakers are getting something done, where there is a exchange of
information for a particular purpose.
Expressive: conveying or describing feelings and emotions
Evaluative: talk that offers opinions and evaluations- similar to expressive
but can be different.
Expository: talk that explains ideas or theories
Persuasive: talk that has a persuasive purpose
Phatic: small talk, that eases social interaction
Performative: talk that carries out an act
Interactive: talk that has a social function
Instructive: giving clear instructions
Collaborative: agreeing and showing solidarity and cooperation
Talk can have 2 main purposes:
The purpose of the talk within the test for the characters
The purpose of the writer in writing the text.


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