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English lang and lit revision spoken language
Linguistic features
Non fluency features
Pauses- when all speakers stop talking for a moment
Hesitations- when a speaker falters with their speech
Fillers- meaningless words to fill talk space and allow for thought
False starts- words or utterances that are cut off mid sentence
Repetitions- repeating a word or phrase in a particular sentence
Hedges- words that lessen the meaning of a utterance
Declarative- a statement
Interrogative- a question
Imperative- a command
Exclamative- an exclamation
Modal verbs
E.g. should/would/could. These verbs imply various shades of possibility
and can make an utterance seem more subtle.
Lexico-grammatical features
Lexis (choice of words)- modern/archaic, standard English/colloquial,
formal/informal, semantic field
Syntax (sentence structure) - simple/compound/complex.


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