King Lear: Act 4 scene 4 notes

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English lang and lit King Lear
Act 4 scene 4 notes
Lear has been wondering around with a circle of flowers on his head. Cordeila
orders a search for him and promises a rich reward for anyone who can cure his
Madness- Lear has lost all sense of reality and is wondering around like a
Loyalty- Cordeila shows loyalty to Lear by doing all she can to find him and
cure him
Cordeila- appears stronger and dominant and shows determination and
leadership. She is still loyal to Lear as she offers all her wealth to those
who can cure him, showing she has a caring nature.
Lear- lost all sense of reality
Language features
Cordeila is the dominant speaker as her turns are the longest and most
frequent. She also uses lots of imperative verbs to show her authority and
leadership such as "Send forth, search" and "bring him to our eye" (line 6-8)


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