King Lear: Act 4 scene 3 notes

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English lang and lit King Lear
Act 4 scene 3 notes
Cordeila learns what happened to Lear at Dover. She is outraged at her sister's
behaviour towards Lear. Lear is in Dover but can't bring himself to see Cordelia as
he is too ashamed as to what he did to her.
Gender roles- Cordelia shows great self control when learning of what has
happened to Lear.
Suffering- Lear is suffering with the thought of not being able to face
Cordeila, despite wanting to see her.
Lear- too proud to see Cordeila as he is too ashamed as to what he did to
Cordeila- strong character and able to take bad new with control
Language features
Lines 13-14 "It seemed she was a queen over her passion" metaphor for
Cordeila's self control when she received news about Lear, explaining she
didn't let her emotions control her.
Lexis connoting royalty when describing Cordeila- shows her status and her
strong character "delicate", "ample", "queen".
Lexis connoting saints when Cordeila is described such as "holy" and
"heavenly" (lines 25-30) which is the opposite to how her sisters are
described who are shown as evil


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