Energy Security Key words

Here are some key words for the A2 Edexcel Geography unit Energy Security. 

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Renewable, Non-renewable, Resource, Stock

Renewable-These are resources that are capable of natural regeneration into products within a timescale relevent to the people using it e.g.wind.

Non-renewable-A resource that is finite in within a human context e.g.Fossil fuels. They can be used only once and therefore they can be exhausted.

Resource-It is something that has a use for it at the time. 

Reserve-The known quantity avaliable of a resource.

Stock-An estimate of how much of the reserve is on the planet as a whole.  

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Energy demand, Energy Consumption, Primary energy,

Energy demand-The amount of energy required at a certain place at a certain time and it will vary depending on the time and place. 

Energy consumption-It is the amount of energy consumed by different users and is usually measure in kW or mW.

Primary energy-This is energy that has not been subjected to any change, conversion or transformation before use and it exists in a raw form e.g. coal.

Secondary energy-This is energy that has to be converted into a more useful product e.g. the conversion of coal or gas into electricity. 

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Sustainable, Energy security, Energy insecurity

Sustainable-Using something in a way that allows it to be protected for future generations.

Energy security-It is when you have access to reliable and affordable energy sources like Russia does.

Energy insecurity-This is the opposite of energy security. It is when you do not have access to a relliable and affordable energy source and rely on other countries or places for energy sources.  

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