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Sustainability Energy

Global Demand for Energy

The EIA (Energy Administration Organisation) estimates (2013) world energy consumption will grow by 56 percent between 2010 and 2040.

Regions of the world that have experienced the greatest growth in energy consumption-

-          Bunkers

-          Africa

-          Non OECD countries (Non MEDC’s) world energy use rises from 524 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2010 to 630 quadrillion Btu in 2020 and to 820 quadrillion Btu in 2040.











Million tonnes oil equivalent


Factors which influenced growth in these areas-

-          Technology

-          Economy

-          Socially mobile in China

-          Industrialisation

-          Population growth

-          Farming+ agriculture











Variation in energy consumption per person-

-          Iceland has low population so it seems a lot of energy is used per person

-          Europe is using less than expected due to Kyoto protocol which set carbon footprint targets

-          UK and other countries use geothermal energy so it is sustainable

-          African countries consume less as they dont have any resources to generate energy

-          Only wealthy nations and companies can afford energy




Energy Poverty

International Energy Authority define Energy Poverty as:

“a lack of access to modern energy services. These services are defined as household access to electricity and clean cooking facilities (e.g. fuels and stoves that do not cause air pollution in houses).”

-          Latin America has a decrease in people without energy by 2030

-          Sub Saharan Africa has an increase as population will grow and more people will be without energy by 2030

-          India has a decrease in people without energy and so do other developing Asia countries

-          By 2030 everyone in China will have energy

Why do people in MEDCs use so much energy?

What issues do we face in the future?

·         We use more energy as developed countries have more electrical devices and appliances that they use on a regular basis such as cookers, heaters, TV etc

·         Transport accounts for 1/3 of our energy

·         90% energy from fossil fuels

·         10 nuclear stations in Britain

·         Need to reduce demand by 90%- not currently achievable

·         1 person uses 125 light bulbs a day

·         1 wind turbine provides 200 people energy, need a lot more to provide more than half the population

·         Each power station provides 2000 wind turbines energy

·         Turning thermostat by 1`C reduces 10% energy consumption

·         Heating or bathing uses 40 bulbs a day

·         Canada uses 7500 energy per capita, US uses 7000 per capita, UK uses 3100 per capita, Bangladesh and Eritrea use less than 400 energy per capita

·         42% energy in a typical home is used for space- heating and


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