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Energy security
Means access to reliable and affordable sources of energy. Areas or
countries which have a surplus energy (Russia) are said to be energy
secure. But places with a energy deficit (USA) suffer energy insecurity…read more

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USA and energy
Consumption ­ USA consumed 21% of all global energy supplies in 2007,
an average American consumes over 100 times more electricity than a
citizen of Kiribati ­ world's lowest electricity consumption
Reliance ­USA's reliance on imports increased from 18% to 58%, and oil
at 70% and 9/11 attack brought to light the USA's reliance on energy
Price ­ in 2006 a barrel of oil went from $20 to $60 but since 2004 the
price has increased rapidly. Some predicting an increase to $200.…read more

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A global problem
Reserves of fossil fuels are starting to run out.
Coal is running out and is very polluting when used without clean technology
global sources are unevenly distributed and many sources are in politically
unstable countries like the Middle east which can lead to disruption of supplies
Demand is increasing from BRICs and superpowers…read more

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Achieving energy security
Important for energy security
control over supplies, control over prices, verity of energy sources, political
stability in consuming and producing country
Energy security threatened by
rapid price increases, political instability of suppliers like Georgia in 2008, the
manipulation of supplies and prices, attacks on infrastructure by terrorists,
competition from expanding economies, environmental legislation which
adds to costs
Energy security can be improved by
greater energy efficiency, greater energy self sufficiency, decentralisation of
energy production and short terms stockpiles…read more

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Largest economy in America and is richer than most countries
Lowest per capita energy consumption rate in the |USA due to mild
weather and demands to heating and cooling
16% of USA's oil reserves
5% of USA's total electricity and imports most electricity than any other
Most motor vehicles in the country…read more

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Californian blackouts
2000 to 2001 characterised by price instability and major blackouts affecting millions. Reasons
for blackouts:
The weather ­ Oregon and Washington supply HEP to California and there was a drought so
less energy to export. The summer was really hot and lot of energy used for conditioning and
winter was really cold so a lot of energy to warm homes
Insufficient generating capacity. Strong anti pollution laws in 70s which meant new stations
were expensive to build so companies were unwilling to invest
Limited energy capacity of power lines to import electricity
The deregulation of the power industry. Before deregulation 80% of supply was vertically
integrated which meant electricity supply companies owned power plants and after
deregulation power plants were bought by out of state companies and some neglected to
maintain a sufficient reserve capacity.
Manipulation of Californian energy market and ensuring prices remain high even when supply
is plentiful.…read more

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