Outline of Energy Security

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  • Energy Security
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of energy sources
    • Global Variations in energy access and consumption
    • Key Players in supplying future oil
      • Example: Shell
      • OPEC
    • Factors affecting energy security
      • Case Study California
    • Problem of energy pathways
      • Example: Trans-Siberian Pipeline
    • Impact of growing global energy demand
      • Case Study: China
    • Impact of geopolitics on energy security
    • Environmental impacts of looking for more energy
      • Case Study: Tar Sands, Canada
      • Case Study: Arctic Oil
    • Future of energy: Advantages and Disadvantages
    • How energy insecurity will lead to geopolitical tensions
      • USA in Middle East
      • China vs. India
    • How energy supplies can be disrupted
      • Case Study: Russia
    • Europes Energy Security
  • Europes Energy Security


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