Drugs - Key Words and Meanings

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Causing a physical or mental dependency on a substance that is very difficult to overcome.

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An addictive social drug found in beer, wine, spirit ect.

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A mild legal stimulant found in coffee, chocolate, ect.

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A class B drug which is usually smoked, which some wish to be legalised.

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Cold Turkey

Process of trying to beat addiction just by stopping talking drugs.

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A substance which, when taken, affects the body or mind.

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Illegal Drugs

Drugs which are illegal to possess, sell or use, put into three classifications according to their potential harm and addictiveness.

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Legal Drugs

Drugs that can be purchased legally. Some have age restrictions.

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A drug which is used to help addicts beat addiction to heroin.

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The addictive drug contained in tobacco.

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Over-the-Counter Drugs

Drugs freely available at a chemist, pharmacy or many shops including supermarkets.

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Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Drugs taken to improve physical or mental capabilities.

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Prescription Drugs

Drugs legally obtained only with a doctor's consent.

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A strong form of cannabis, which may have potential long-term mental health side effects.

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Social Drugs

Legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, ect.

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Soft Drugs

Illegal drugs that are not believed by the users to lead to dependency or serious side-effects.

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Some aerosoles, glue and gas lighter refills abused by sniffing, which can cause hallucinations and can be fatal.

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Name given to people who choose not to drink alcohol.

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Used in cigarettes and cigars, it conatins nicotine, an addictive social drug.

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