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Crime and Punishment
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Religion and the Need for Law and Justice
You will need to understand the effects of, and give reasons for your
opinion about:
The need for law and justice.
Theories of punishment and…

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ary ­
The need Summary
for law and Society needs laws for it to work properly and to
justice. protect the weak from the strong. The laws need to
be just so that people will obey then and that they will
make society feel better.…

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incarcerated for shoplifting is Capital Punishment ­ the death penalty for a crime or
an indication that we have not offence
yet taken seriously what Deterrence ­ the idea that punishments should be of such
"prison as a last resort" a nature that they will put people off (deter) committing…

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The nature Notorious Moors killer Ian Summary
of capital Brady has begun a legal bid to Capital punishment is punishment which takes the life of
punishmen end his own life. the criminal. Some people think it is a good idea because it
t and Brady was imprsoned aong takes a…

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Why ...And there is no God apart Summary
justice is from me, a righteous God and Christians believe Justice is important because the Bible
important a saviour... says God is a God of justice who will reward the good and
for Isiah 45:21 the bad at the end of the…

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executive, then live a
righteous religious life, treat Extra Info
your subjects like members of Two reasons Hindus believe in justice are
your family, take good care of Most Hindus believe that to gain moksha they must try
them and make an honest to promote justice in terms of: treating…

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that even the depraved In February 1999 convicted rapist Leo Echegaray was put
person is capable of reform, to death in the Philippines. This was the country's first
and it is society's role to execution in more than two decades. Was this the right
offer that chance through the thing…

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They believe execution is killing and will therefore give
bad karma and delay moksha.
They believe Gandhi's teachings on nonviolence means
ahimsa to everyone, even murderers.

The Laws Britsh American Tobacco is Summary
on Drugs the world's biggest tobacco The law bans smoking in workplaces and says tobacco
and Alcohol…

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be replaced with an On a B question, e.g. `Do you think the law on drugs and
evidencebased unified alcohol is fair?' you should have already thought about this
system (specifically including issue. For example, if you think they are not fair you just
tobacco and alcohol ) aimed have…

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and more regular on hospital and death.
bedsides. Even drinkers can It also
make town centres no go causes
areas on an average weekend criminal
as they run amok in our cities. gang
Up to 75% of murder victims problems
were killed after drinking and and
40% of ra pe…


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